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"We've been using Home Security Centers since we moved to Denver in 2001. They've installed alarm systems with monitoring for us in two different houses. The people who work there are friendly and helpful whenever we need anything."
Pam - Englewood, Colorado

"My husband had taken our dog for a walk, and I was making dinner.  I heard our three year old go down to the basement to get something and then the sounds of banging all the way down the stairs. Our three year old had forgotten to close the door and our 10 month old had followed his sister and fallen all the way down to the basement. Immediately I pushed the medical panic button on the keypad and ran down to help my child. With-in seconds the monitoring center was on the phone to me explaining that the paramedics were on the way and wanting to get further details to pass along. Amazingly our child was ok, only some bumps and bruises, but it is such a sense of security knowing that the trained professionals of Home Security Centers are watching over my family."
Kathleen - Parker, Colorado

"My home is built with the garage entering off of the alley behind my house. I just pulled into my garage and was gathering my stuff when I noticed a man walking into my garage in my mirror. I pushed the panic button on my keyfob and the siren started sounding immediately. The person ran off. When the cops came I wasn't able to tell them much but that was because nothing had had a chance to get happen."
Tom - Denver, Colorado

"Thank you so very much for getting our security system back in order. We appreciate your prompt attention and good work."
Neil & Lois - Englewood, Colorado

"I work at a small pharmacy in Denver. A man came in looking for drugs. Keeping enough calm, I pushed the silent panic button under the counter and started getting what he wanted. As he was trying to get away, the cops arrived and arrested the man."
Barbara - Denver, Colorado

"Joyce, thanks again for all your help with this and for sending your best guy to fix everything, an original installer. Your service is the best!"

"Please know that Clay did an outstanding job! He was prompt, kind, patient and even funny! There are MANY reasons I stay with Home Security Centers. He is just another one of those reasons!"