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Security Tips

  • Ensure all doors and windows are closed and locked before leaving the home.
  • Install Dead Bolts or Charlie-Bars on all exterior doors.
  • Install a peep-hole in front door.
  • Never hide a key outside.  Burglars know all of the good hiding places.
  • Do not use the same code for your alarm system and garage door control.
  • Clean the garage door control periodically.  Frequently used buttons will show signs of use limiting possible code combinations.
  • Remove the emergency cord from the overhead garage door, and have a coat hanger available for emergency use to release the door.
  • Keep the door between your garage and home locked.
  • Do not store ladders or trash cans outside.  They can be used to provide easy access to second floor windows or scale fences.
  • Ensure Trees and Bushes are trimmed.  Overgrown landscape can provide access to second floor windows or create hiding places.
  • Replace burnt out porch lights and install motion lights.
  • Make sure that your address is easy-to-read and well lit to help emergency personnel locate your home.
  • Be careful when disposing of product packaging.  You do not want to advertise recent purchases.
  • Keep a laminated list of emergency information next to the phone.